It is the policy of SCRRA to REQUIRE all Operators wishing to join SCRRA comply with the following:

1. Attend SCRRA meetings on a regular basis.

2. Pay Annual Dues (pro-rated) in a timely manner.

3. Join and actively participate in a sub-committee group.

4. Remain on a Probationary Status until all of the following conditions are met:

– Dues are current
– Inspection of facility is completed and deemed in compliance
– Complete portfolio submitted and approved by Secretary
– Attend three consecutive meetings
– Attend workshop

5. Recognize the dignity and worth of every human being by demonstrating healthy recovery behaviors to the best of our individual and collective ability.

6. Promote drug free environments through information dissemination. This is accomplished by having and distributing literature, open discussion and any other medium that fulfills this mission. Maintain drug free environments by ensuring to the best of our individual and collective ability residents agree to and adhere to our facility guidelines for abstinence. We may also employ additional methods for ensuring this compliance, such as drug screens, blood tests or breathalyzers, etc.

7. Promote quality by agreeing to quality assurance inspections at least once per calendar year, and also agree to random inspections. We also agree to provide timely interventions and a prompt response to any and all concerns from residents, neighbors or any community/governmental agency.

8. Ensure all staff is active in their recovery and remain so. Operators agree to random drug screens to establish and maintain credibility with other SCRRA members and community at large. Operators agree to check references (i.e.; sponsor, home group members, past employers) of prospective staff. Operators agree to terminate any staff member returning to active addiction. If Operator is actively using, Operator agrees to cease and desist from daily operations and agrees to install management for a period of one year or until such time as sufficient to return to business. Upon return, Operator agrees to a probationary status of membership until membership votes to return
them to full status.

9. All members agree to submit to random drug screens at the request of the Board. A simple majority vote by the Board can trigger a request for a drug screen from any SCRRA member.

10. Any act of violence or reported act of violence, physical contact with a resident or with an outside party is deemed unacceptable and Operator shall lose their membership.

11. No Operator or staff person of that Operator shall engage in any romantic or sexual relationship with a resident or be subject to loss of membership.

12. No Operator shall co-mingle resident’s money or enter into any dual relationship with any resident for the purpose of financial gain. It is suggested Operators refer residents to outside sources for case management, legal, financial, and therapeutic issues. If found to be in violation, Operator shall lose their membership.

13. All Operators shall assist current and discharging residents with linkage upon request to other levels of care as needed.