Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a required to be signed by all sober living and recovery residence operators. This statement commits the signer to adhere to this code of ethics and to maintain a vital concern for the lives and well being of all persons.

* Dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all human beings.

* Promote and maintain an alcohol and illicit drug free environment.

* Promote and maintain quality housing that is consistent with the nature of the immediate neighborhood, which address the concerns of the community.

* Owners, Managers, and all other staff, if in recovery, maintain it and will only employ other recovering persons who have been in recovery for at least one year and remain totally abstinent. If not alcoholic or addict, all management staff must be alcohol and drug free during performance work hours.

* Submit to alcohol and drug testing at the request of SCRRA authorized person, upon the majority approval of the association membership. Refusal by any member will result disciplinary action by the association and may be subject to dismissal from the association.

* Zero Tolerance toward physical violence or threats of violence in the recovery residences.

* Owners, Managers or other staff will never become romantically or sexually involved with any residents or anyone the recovery residence is assisting.

* Owners, Managers or other staff never become personally involved with a resident’s financial affairs. This covers borrowing or lending money, buying or selling property or any other financial transactions.

* Owners, Managers or other staff respects the privacy and personal rights of all residents. Operators will provide appropriate linkage for housing and other needs, upon an individual residents relapse.